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Double Bend
Wine Glass


It was love at first sip. At the awsome restaurant of our dear friends Babsi Eselböck and Alain Weißgerber, a married couple, we devoured wine out of these wonder-glasses for the first time and it was clear to us that from this time on, it will be difficult to find other wine glasses with a comparable super-sensory experience to enjoy.

To this day we don't really know why every single sip feels so magical, but sometimes you have to resign from in-depth comprehension and just enjoy things instead. What we do know by now is who is behind this mysterious glass, imported from London by Babsi and Alain: a mysterious brand (Mark Thomas) and a devoted wine-lover and visionary from Vienna, who we proudly present as our friend and who belongs to our superheroes team of the most analog mavericks: Thomas Zichtl.


The concept of these glasses is - as it is so often – genially simple and as a result just genius. Thomas has been a very successful wine merchant for many years and even co-owner of a vineyard for a short period of time. A real wine lover and expert who has supplied and advised many high class restaurants, especially in London. In doing so he consistently provided his clients with premium glasses from a glassmaker in Austria and soon the demand for those glasses was almost bigger than the competitive business of filling them up.

That development made Thomas ponder on the design of the perfect wine-glass. His interest was not focused on the appearance but rather on the perfect functionality of the glass. A big foot and a not too long handle for the perfect stableness, the perfect glass for perfect stability despite nearly unbelievably slight wall thickness, the whole glass of course dishwasher-safe and - MOST IMPORTANT - the shape of a goblet, which allows the perfect enjoyment of wine, as it brings out the true character of the potation.

After many attempts, the unique, eponymous shape was developed: the DOUBLE BEND. A first bend, which extends the glass, to release the flavors, a perfect curve like a cone to give the tonic room to move, and a last curve tapering back, to bring the flavors into focus again for nose and gums.

Not without a reason, more and more wine producers grab some of the unique Double Bend glasses, because they feel that this receptacle delivers the power of the precious liquid particularly rich onto the gums.


Having established the shape and unique mechanics on the drawing board, the quest for a producer daring enough to face the challenging production of the first Mark Thomas glass began. For many decades the Czech Republic was and still is the center of finest glass-art and it's no surprise, that Thomas with his uncompromisingly special wishes found his glassblower experts in that country to produce his glasses with the desired precision and quality.

Many hundred kilos of shards, tears, sweat and money have been shed until the very first perfect Double Bend Allround was ready to present in 2015. Since then the factory has produced many hundred glasses in tedious handicraft and additional shapes have been developed by Thomas, which conquer the world out of the city of Vienna, finding their way not only into exclusive restaurant but likewise into wine cellars and private homes. It might best please you to enjoy the Double Bend wine experience in the SUPERSENSE palace - so please accept our warmest invitation to savour and get mesmerized.